I am McWHatever.

I am a Design Lead, Art Director, space designer, stylist, painter, sculptor and strategist.

I like to take things apart. 90% of the time I will put those things back together.

I started as a teacher. Well, I started as a baby from L.A. that grew up in Seattle, but then I became a teacher through the education system in Big Sky Montana. I taught both art and theater, in some form, for many years before pursuing a career in design and advertising. I still teach on the side. After receiving another batch of student loans In Portland, Oregon, I worked for various places including matriarch Gert Boyle's Columbia Sportswear. I moved from the art of snaps and trims to Oregon's own public broadcasting network, OPB, for a total rebrand. From there I joined the forces of Wieden+Kennedy, now passing a decade, to just make some damn fine work with some damn fine people. On the side, I oil paint and demo my house. I am fiercely loyal, extremely creative, a risk-taker and a mediator. I believe in the power of good design, strategy, and branding.